315 Oakdale Dr., Salina, KS  67401
  Our K-9 Staff

K-9 Board Members, 2 Aussies, Boston Terrier and French Bulldog in their suits

Board of Directors

Not a Ph.D in the bunch, but they all are UDs.

French Bulldog at his computer
Gigolo C.E.O. and Office Manager
Australian Shepherd, Spirit, at the sewing machine French Bulldog, Gigelo, at the sewing machine

Production Department

Spirit making deliveries in the car Gigeol inspecting leashes

Delivery Service 

Quality Control

Spirit with leash in his mouth Braid with leash in her mouth

Sales Staff

Gigelo wrapping boxes

Shipping and Handling Department

Director of Public Relations



Sprout- Customer's Service Department

Squirrel- IT specialist