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Customers Say---

Lead for Nosework-- 

Just got the 12 foot leash.  It's beautiful!!!!  So much lighter for my dachshund than anything I have ever bought.  I have to pick out two more colors so we can make another for my other dachshund.  Love the marker you put at the 6 foot mark.Thank you!  Carla

Meet Alli, a beautiful greyhound, showing off her new "British" lead,  owner: Cyndi Swanson, Harmony Greyhounds.                         


A new lead for Kamal, pictured here with his friend Aran.  The second lead will be used as a brace lead for the Tazi Kennel. These lovely Salukis belong to Pat Gilbert.  Visit her site at

You have outdone yourself. I know I have ordered several leads from you but the two latest are the best yet. I love them not only because of the bling but because of the workmanship and care taken. Thank you. Pat Gilbert

These are for Joe in California.  They are small dog walking leads.  The beading is set higher so they won't drag on the ground.


Stop the presses

Sidney is now Grand Champion PLATINUM!

One of only five Cavaliers to have achieved this honor.

Grand Champion Gold
I truly LOVE the gorgeous Grand Champion Gold lead you did.I can't stop looking at it.  It is a lot of hard work to get a Gold Grand, only a few in the USA.  This is the boy that will wear it.  You also did one with his name "Sidney" and he wore it at all his shows while becoming a star in the Cavalier world.   Thank you,  Marilyn (Mayfield)

Marilyn, Thank you for sharing this wonderful news with us. 

We are always proud to show off our dogs and beautiful leads.  They are the BEST! ThankYou
Stella Spradley
GCH Mayfield Crowning Glory
Breeder:  Marilyn Mayfield
Owners:  Stella Spradley & Marilyn Mayfield

This is Daniel (CH Burmack's Something To Talk About At Aztec Sun) winning Junior Best In Show of the Day at the World Show in Budapest. He was wearing the leash that you had made for me.   -Jo-

Jo also needed a collar, leash and lanyard for her  affenpinscher who is now a Therapy Animal with Delta Society

Hi...I ordered a show lead from you a while  back for my Irish Terrier.  I happened to see the  lead with my name on it on your design page. It made me want to share this with you: First of all, the regular show lead that I started using was very hard for me to hold. It seemed to slip in my hands in the ring. So when I ordered from you the "braided" leather was a must (as I used to show horses and had to use a braided reign"... Plus... I like sparkly things so the beads just made it perfect. Since I got my lead from you Rusty and I really got together in the show ring. I Championed him at 16 months of age.  I love the lead. I've noticed more people in the IT ring are using them since I started showing Rusty with one... And I am coming back to your site to design the lead for my little girl who will start showing in 2014.  Much love and Happy Holidays Mechele Lee &  Rusty.

Angie Bass shared this picture of her Whippet, Fifi, in her tag collar and beaded tab, ready for a Howl-o-ween agility trial.

Annabelle, best friend of Rabecca McKenzie,

gets a new Oz-Some collar.

URO1 Zerimar's El Navarro de OZ RA TD CGC TT

I'd say Varro has more than earned a new lead, this beautiful boy is an over achiever and keeps his owner Kat Farres very busy.

Kay Novotny at the Borzoi National Specialty( Photos by Elaine)

"Everyone was very impressed with the color match and style - they were a big hit"-- She was referring to her Lyndale equipment, but we can say the same about her beautiful dogs.

Report on the new OZ-Some Collars:  I think they are the best collars. The sizing is perfect. The collars become tight enough that they don't slip off yet stop before they choke. The tan color that was mixed with the rose is an exact match the my dogs coat.

Kangaroo Leashes and Collars

Marie Eguro reports------  "One of the leads you made for me in the past has become my "good luck leash";  It took my last dog from the very first leg in Novice through to her OTCH with UKC and AKC, and from her first AKC breed point to Group placement!  I guard that leash with my life and only use it on special occasions now, it retired with my dog."

Jo and Coco needed a lead for their TDI work at nursing homes, hospitals and libraries.


Cathy Couture likes the "Resco" type leads and adds swivels,  flat chins and leather slip knots for her Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. 

Just wanted to let you know I received the leashes and they are  truly amazing. They look absolutely gorgeous on my 2 Aussies. Thank you for your great craftsmanship and helping me mixing the right colors to get the leashes they are today. THANK YOU!! Many Greetings from oversea, out of Holland. Manon van Wingerden

Report from Japan:  Today I will inform you that my dog 'Sarah' (English Springer Spaniel) with your beautiful leash became the supreme dog last week in Japan.  She got 2 BIS, 3 Queen and finally got this honored title.  Thanks,  Yuka
Brilliance Y. Kennel
English Springer Spaniel & Golden Retriever

Thank you for completing and shipping my order so quickly!!!!  I used it at a show this weekend, and my boy Argos did great!  He won multiple ribbons, including Best of Breed. We are so excited!   I just need to keep practicing so I can become polished in the ring. :)Thank you for all of your help! Staci

Oh Verlene -I love, love, love the lead you made !  Thank you, Pam May

Hi Verlene, I wanted to let you know I got the tag collars today and they are just what I wanted. Thank you.Betsy

The lead came today. I LOVE it! It fits him perfect and we have already tried it out. Perfect length perfect colors perfect beads perfect!!  Thank you so much!!  I'll have to have another soon!!!  Susan Hatfield.

I receive my leash, and the color and size are perfect!  Thank you for getting it to me so quickly.  I look forward to my next order and sharing my coupon with my owners.Thank you again,                   Lisa Dutton

pleased!   Thank you very much. I found out a week ago that you know my friend Brooke Cole who shows Tervs.  She and I are very good friends.  She has one of my retired show Schips.  I will recommend you to as many people as I can, Sincerely, Dorothy Clem 

Thank you so much! The length of time between orders is a testament to the durability of your work!  Anne

Just got my first- but not last- leash and collar! Hobbs pops right into a stack which he does not do with a chain. He looks so good with it, and I don't have a bulky leash to hold. I am going to browse and plan my next creation now!! Sherry

I LOVE the way the turquoise and black one turned out and the other one looks just like my lost "special" one....will be ordering one more! T.M.

 Verlene, The lanyard is perfect! You did a wonderful job choosing the beads. Christi is going to love it! Thanks ever so much. Kathy

Kathy provided a cute bead that had the picture of a rat on it.This lanyard will be a gift for her Barn Hunt trainer- this was my first       "Rat Lanyard."

You know what works best- I won a black and brown leash/collar at a show this summer but it is too small for my boy- I can barely get it over his big head lol. When I did, he seemed to work better with it, and I liked the feel of the leash- I could really get it rolled up and hold it where I wanted rather than the wad the flat leash left in my hand. That is why I am treating us both to one of your gorgeous creations. I have a feeling this will be the first of many... Sherry 

The leash is beautiful!  And it arrived just in time for the Delaware Kennel Club show in York Pa this weekend.  Dalia will be showing off her new leash.  Dalia will be 2 at the end of May.  She is a kick-butt tomboy lady!  Thank you for making sure a lovely leash for us.  Smile and have a great day!Shelley

I got my leash yesterday and it is perfect! I love the color combination and the beads are just right. Thanks so much for getting it here so fast in time for me to use at our regional specialty shows in a few weeks! Sincere  Jan Rinker

I absolutely love the show lead. It turned out fantastic and is just the right amount of bling. The purple beads are beautiful. Thank you, thank you. Bev Q.

Oh my, I received my leash today!  I wasn't expecting it for at least another week😯It's just perfect!!!  Thank you so much. 

The show lead arrived today, and it looks great – a gorgeous trophy for our Best Junior.  Thanks also for the gift certificates! They’ll be popular in the auction or raffle, especially when people have seen the show lead.  We appreciate your generosity in support of our national specialty events.

                    Beth Nash Vizsla Club of America

I just picked up the leashes at the Post Office.They are absolutely gorgeous and will make wonderful trophies for our show.Thanks so much, Suzanne

Pictures to be posted after the show, don't want to spoil the fun. Verlene

Just wanted to let you know I received my lead today and love it!  Thank you so much. The craftsmanship is wonderful..I am looking forward to using it.  My dog will look lovely in it!  Kind Regards,  Bonnie 

Just received the collar that I ordered, and can't tell you how pleased I am with it! It's exactly what I needed to control my Akita pup without damaging his coat. Worth the wait for a quality, custom made product like yours. Thanks again.   Phyllis Schenk


lead at the National ... okay have my handler show my girl in her new lead.  THANK YOU!And, thank you for getting it to me so quickly; I really appreciate it. Liz

I got the leads and they are beautiful! Just what I asked for:) Thanks so much, Jan

Verlene- I got my collars today. I love them! Sooo unexpected to get them so soon. A very nice surprise.   I really hope you don't stop making these.  Thank you! Kerry

The leashes and collar arrived today ... thanks so much for getting them to us so quickly!   they're just perfect, and we look forward to years of good use from them!  Thanks again for all your assistance,Shawnee & Jeff Showman

Thank you so much for getting Tootsie’s new show lead to me so timely.  We will actually have an opportunity to try it out in class tonight before we leave for the show.  I think it is stunning and just perfect for her.  Thanks again, Mary Ellen

Hi Verlene!  I received JJ's leash, and love it. It's the perfect thickness, very pliable, and the beading looks great. Thank you so much, and thanks for the cards, too. I'll keep them in my Obedience bag.  Sincerely, Katie

Hi Verlene. I got the collar and leads yesterday. They are gorgeous. The collar fits perfectly and everything is so beautiful. Thank you so much for dressing up my borzoi with these works of art. I can't wait to show them off!  Kathleen

I received our leash yesterday. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for all your work and patience in helping me put it together. Thank you again. Lynn Mitro

I wanted to thank you for making Zhava's new lead so promptly and so well. It is really beautiful and looks great on her---the lead is nice and light, and the beads are just the right amount of sparkle. We got it in plenty of time for the show---thanks for the rush order! As it turned out, we did very well; Zhava earned her first point by going winner's bitch, and Coba, my sheltie, earned the last leg to his CD! He was also wearing one of your leads, the pretty dark grey/light grey/lavender that you made for him a couple of years ago. The nice leads definitely make showing a easier and more fun, so thanks. :)  Summer, Zhava and Coba

You are fabulous!! Thank you, thank you. The new leash is perfect. I can't thank you enough for getting the new leash to me before going to Eukanuba. I try to send you a photo with your great leash from the show.  Thanks again, Jennie Lamb

Received my red leash in the mail today. It is simply beautiful and I love the bead selection. Thank you for the prompt service. I really appreciate it. Can't wait to show it off.  Sincerely,
Patty O'Brien

I received my brace leashes in the mail today - they look lovely!  Can't wait to show them off at the specialty.  Thanks you so much!  Kay Novotny

Thanks so much for the beautiful leash and especially for your effort in making it so quickly and getting it to me in time for Tamlin's show this weekend. I really appreciate it, and Tam looks smashing and quite full of himself.  Thanks, Chris Kinsey

I received my collars today. They couldn't be more perfect!!!! They fit so well. Thank you so much. It was so awesome you were willing to make a type of collar you never made before. Thanks again.

Received the leash day before yesterday, as usual it is great, exactly what I wanted. Thank you again. My little affenpinscher will be sporting it at the World show in Austria next month.  Jo

I LOVE the leads!!!!! I really like how you've placed the beads so they show at all times and I like the blck swivels as they blend in so well with the lead. Outstanding job. Thank you so much! Kathy Graves

Sorry I’m late writing this, but I’ve been so busy with the holidays lately.  I just wanted to thank you and compliment you on the beautiful crafts(wo)manship on my second collar order.  The collar is gorgeous, as usual, and a perfect fit.  I probably should have ordered 13" for both dogs, but my little one has a shorter stocky neck, so I just switched collars, and the 14" one I ordered first works well on her.  I'm glad you used the medium 4" chain on the 13" collar, as the boy I put it on is bigger and stronger and pulls sometimes.  Anyway, I'm thrilled with my orders and will recommend you to any friends who might be interested.  Some don't want to spend the money, but they certainly are envious of my kids' beautiful collars.  Maybe I'll be back one of these days for another collar or a leash.  Thanks again for the love you put into your work.  It certainly shows!!!

Just wanted to let you know I did receive my absolutely gorgeous lead Saturday. I totally love it. It is beautiful...can't wait to show my baby. Now I have one for my male and one for my female. Perfect!
Audrey Young

For years you haven't disappointed me. the new leash for  Pipers Will Power is fantastic.. Wow, prettier than the last one.  Thank you soo much.  We win all the time in your creations!! Anne Stark


I just tried it out yesterday at the training session.  The collar/lead combo worked great!!  I had several people look at it and were very impressed with your work.  They have asked me to give them your info on where I got it from so I wouldn't be surprised if you start getting some more orders for American Bulldogs.  Garret Bryl

Many thanks for the 2 absolutely beautiful tag collars, I am really thrilled with them and my lurcher's look very elegant wearing them!  Best wishes from across the pond!  Lesley 

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my beautiful leads!!!  I love my leads, yet to use them and my friend loves hers.  I love them so much I am going to order some more!!!!!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and to tell you that my collars and leads are still beautiful they are holding their strength and colors and the clusters are still brite and shinny. Thanx Deb Weller

Thanks for the beautiful lead!  It came in the mail today.  I really like the tab.  It will be perfect for obedience training... the other one I had was too heavy.  Patti

Mary Jo phoned me this morning and thanked me for the gift.  SHE LOVES IT!  She told me the leash you made her is 'as if someone has read my mind for the perfect show lead.'  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  Now I am trying to budget one for her for Christmas... YOUR LEASHES AND CUSTOMER SERVICE ARE STELLAR! - Cindy

Aloha Verlene,  Got my leash today and it is just beautiful!  I'm so please with your amazing skill, and I'm so happy it came just in time for the dog show this weekend.
Thank you,   Dee Hokama from Kapolei, Hawaii

I just wanted to let you know that I got the lead in the mail today.  It is absolutely stunning!  I have ordered several leads from other people, but your work is by far the best!  I am thrilled to have it and can't wait to get my first win with it.  The bead cluster is just perfect for my gray & white Malamute.  I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all your help with this order.  I will definitely be recommending you and I am planning on my next one already!  Thanks again! Amanda D. Oswald

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for getting that collar done and sent to me so fast! It's just what I wanted (as usual) and beautifully crafted. I don't know why anyone orders them from anyone else! Thanks again, I love it, and I'm looking forward to doing business with you in the future!

My order arrived today and it's fabulous, thank you so much for the beautiful work. The silver beads with the name make it so special. I'll be putting it to use on Sunday.  Now I'm off to your site to put together another.  Regards, Jacqueline Job.

My lead arrived today,   The color is perfect.  The length is perfect.  The thickness is perfect.  The silver letters are perfect.  The workmanship is perfect.  It's perfect!  I'm entered in a show tomorrow so I will get to try it out right away.  Thanks for the good service.  Pat Harvie

I stood in the road  at my mailbox just now, and opened the package with the leads in it!!  If anyone heard me exclaim, they would have called the wagon for me.  These are gorgeous!  They are so beautiful!  I am sure they will bring Stanley and Stevie great luck.  Thank you so much for your artistic talent, and your excellent service...I am thrilled!!  Beth Fink

Got my custom leash in the mail yesterday - WOW, WOW, WOW, WOW.  I LOVE IT SO MUCH and I was the envy of the class last night.  Thank you so much.  I have forwarded your web site to several folks that were very envious!  Karen Squier

Just to let you know, my 6 month old puppy bitch went WB/BOW over many nice, mature open dogs last weekend in Nevada, wearing her beautiful black/copper and turquoise lead.    It was a 4 point major!! MUST HAVE BEEN THE LEAD......Lucky lead, I am sure.  Mary Arnold

Thank-you so much for making such a beautiful leash for me at Tasso Catahoulas!! The leash arrived and I was so pleased with the craftmanship. We had our first show this last weekend in Modesto, and with the "lucky" leash we won BIS!! Of course, it is now my favorite leash of all time! I It was a thrill for us to win such an honor, very few Catahoulas have ever won a BIS. We looked good in the ring with a Leashes by Lyndale lead.     Cindy and the Tasso Team

Hi Verlene - the lead came yesterday and it's gorgeous!  Exactly what I had in mind!  Love the beading - simple and elegant.  Thank you so much for getting it done and mailed so quickly.  I'll use it lovingly this weekend to show both my 10.5 year old in Veteran Sweepstakes and my 15 mo. old!  Linda Conrad

I had a rough day today with one of our geriatric girls and it was a very nice to see your package in the mailbox waiting for me when I arrived home from the Vets. The leads are lovely ... every bit as lovely as I had envisioned them to be.. :) Thank you so much for taking of your time and talent in making them for me.. I can't wait to see the face of the gal I am bringing a puppy to when she sees not only her new dog but the collar and lead combo that will be a perfect match for her girl.  I'll send you a photo when it happens. Terri.

GORGEOUS !!   There was a nice surprise in the mail today ! My lead came :)   It is such a work of art !!  Can't wait to show it off in the ring..   Thank you for such workmanship :) Teri Murphy- WudNshu AHTs

I wanted to take a moment and let you know that the 3 leashes ordered for BTCL arrived.  They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I know whoever wins them will be thrilled to have them.  Thank you so much for creating them for us, for the discount you provided and for supporting our Boston Terriers.  Your creativity is inspiring.  I wish I were so clever. Thank you, Elizabeth Wieland  Trophy ChairmanBTCL

You were so helpful when I placed my rush order, but I was more delighted when my Whippet Winston's tag collar and leash arrived.  The craftsmanship and the bead work are beautiful.  I will soon be ordering a matching set for my toy poodle.  Thank you,  Simone

Just a quick note of thanks... the collar arrived yesterday and fits beautifully. The colors are exactly what I was hoping for and looks fabulous. The leather is substantial and I am sure will wear well for many years. Lovely work.  Debbie Carley

I just received the 2 leads with beads today and they are beautiful. I just love what you did with the red and the purple beads. Thank you very much and I will order again in different colors to match my outfits. GREAT JOB!!!! Linda Tkach

I just received my lead today and wanted to say how awesome it looks and can't wait to use it in the upcoming show in August. Thank you soooooo much Verlene you are awesome. I'll send you some pictures of my dog with the lead and again thank you.   Aloha from Hawaii, Lance and Kaui

My show lead came today- I LOVE it so much! And thank you for getting it to me so quickly- I can't believe I'll have it by our big show this week-end- that was so fast!  And you would not believe how gorgeous it looks with my Golden's coloring- it complements his coat perfectly-  I'm SO psyched!
I'll be in touch once he's full grown for a collar-   Elena Wood
P.S. I'll definitely be getting your name out there- I'm sure to get lots of compliments on this lead!

 I wanted to let you know that I got my leash yesterday - the white/natural one. It's GORGEOUS. Thank you very much. It's just beautiful. Thank you for the promptness as well. You are very easy to work with. I will recommend you highly.   Suzanne Hudson

I received my new lead...It is more than gorgeous!  I can hardly wait to show it off!  ;-)  I had it made for my new puppy.  She's much too special to use the other dogs leads, and this lead is as special as she is!  Thanks again for going above and beyond!  I'll be back!  Carol Teal-

The leash arrived today and it is awesome!!  That bead combo looks great with the apple green.  Tally will be the bell of the ball!  Thanks so much!!  Coleen Raber

Just received the leash I ordered on Monday........what wonderful service and what a beautiful lead.
I am so very pleased with my purchase and can't thank you enough.  This will surely bring
our young Swiss Mountain dog good luck!  I'll send a picture when we get one. Happy Day , Cathy Scott

Verlene, WOW!!!! I'm stunned, today my new lead has arrived. It's amazing, simply wonderful! Thanks a million, I'm so happy! I love all your creations for my dogs but this one is my favorite till now! With a big hug for such  wonderful work.  I'm so proud of my leashes and so thankful to have found you! Nadja

Just received Zaina's new lead today, and in a word, it's perfect!!   As always, there is such perfection in your work, and I'll be proud to show Zaina in her upcoming Rally trials with her beautiful new lead!   Thanks again,  Terri & Zaina

I just received the lead that I ordered as a gift for a member of the fancy, that out of the goodness of her heart took pity on the newbie and became my mentor. I wanted something extra, over-the-top special to show my appreciation. You delivered in spades! I am blown away by the design, quality and detail of your lead. It is exquisite! I will give it with pride and confidence.  With deepest appreciation,                  Denise Tresselt

I wanted to send you a quick note letting you know how much I love the leash that you made for me.  You sent it to me in early December but I wanted to wait until Christmas until I opened it as I was certain it would be my favorite present - I was right, it was.  The colors of the beads that you chose look stunning with my blue merle Sheltie.  My mother is currently specialing a Scottish Deerhound and as I was at my mom's home when I opened package, naturally we had to try it out on her dog and it looked marvelous with her as well.  I told my Mom she would need to order her own as I wasn't sharing. <ggg> Elizabeth M.

If I wrote you already I'm going to say it again....I LOVE the two leads you made me.....structure, design, color, and craftsmanship are second to none!  Thank you so very much for doing them so quickly so that both my Tervs will look great at nationals in a few weeks.  That purple leather is to die for!!!  kim

My leads have arrived and I am thrilled with them.  Thank you so very much for such  beautiful leads and beading.   It is so difficult to make a choice on colors and then trying to choose the beading  ........I am so very happy with how they look. The leather is wonderful and soft and  they look beautiful on my dogs, and I am sure they helped towards  a very successful day showing on Sunday.  :)   Now I just need to get a couple more so they all have their own beautiful beaded lead.  Sue

My 2 newest leashes arrived on Thursday last week. I had intended the red one to be a gift for a friend but I loved both so much, they are both staying here. They look very pretty on my Tri colour and Black
and Tan Havanese girls. They wore them for the first time on the weekend at a Rally trial. My youngest girl Jinx earned the first leg of her Rally Novice and my 6 year old Cricket earned two legs towards
her RAE title. We got many comments about the beautiful leashes and requests for where I ordered them. Suzanne McKay

I got the leash/collar today WOW I absolutely love it! I am so excited that I got it so soon, I have 3 collie specialties this fri-sun and didn't think I would have it for them... THANK YOU sooo very much! I can't wait to use it on my boy....I will have a friend take lots of pictures!!! Tawny

Thank you again for the wonderful leads I have received from you.  The workmanship is absolutely wonderful. Our puppy took best in breed this past weekend using her new lead.  We are thrilled. D.C.

Hi, Verlene!!  Just wanted to let you know that my leads arrived safely today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!!  Just so ELEGANT!!Thanks again!  Kim L.

Thank you so much.....I am thrilled with the lead and collar.  I love the color, the workmenship, and the beading.  What a great look for "Victoria Rose"  my little 13 month old weim puppy who finished with a 5 pt. major at the Weim Nationals in May. The new lead and collar are spectacular.  I am passing your web site on to all of my show friends.  Linda

My goodness…words can not describe how beautiful all of our leads are.  You are truly amazing!  A true artisan in every sense of the word.  I truly love them all but my favorite is probably Panzer’s show lead.  The color is a perfect match.  I have a feeling it will bring him many wins and ribbons in the future!  Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our two-legged and four-legged hearts!!!I have a feeling, these will not be the last of the Lyndale leads in our show and performance careers Marina & hounds

The leashes arrived today and they are absolutely stunning. They look incredible on our boys (a perfect birthday present for them both!). I can't wait for our next show to show them off!  Thanks again so much for your help. We will definitely be ordering more leashes! They are more beautiful than I imagined!  George

The leash arrived safely and is now on the way to my daughter.  I love it!!   I will be ordering more in a few weeks for a granddaughter.   These leashes make lovely gifts for family members or special friends.  Thanks,  Hilda Pitman

I just got my leash in the mail today. Perfect timing as we are in  a show this weekend and next.  It's lovely and so well made and will be a nice addition to my tackbox.  The beading  is great. I may have to order a couple more to  have a bigger colour selection. I do want a blue one for sure.   I did order a subtle colour mix for my first one (black and cherry), but now I can see that I could go a little more vibrant. Suzanne

We got the leash ordered for Leo, our 11 month old brindle boxer. It is absolutely gorgeous-what  craftsmanship. Even my husband said that is the most beautiful leash he ever saw. (He does not get impressed easy). Can't wait for the show next week. Thank You so much for speedy delivery- and of course, we are already looking to order more.  Vanja Miler

The kids' new sets arrived, and the pics don't do them justice at all!  I had some friends here when I opened up the package and they were just floored at their beauty!!  Thank you again for doing the special collar for Bridgette!!  It fits her perfectly and looks quite stunning .  Sharron

I want to thank you for the beautiful leashes.  The craftsmanship was remarkable and the materials extraordinary all combining to make a superb addition to my tack. I also appreciate that you expedited the order so quickly. What a nice surprise to receive before Christmas.  I don’t think I’ll ever go back to my old leashes and collars.  Please keep my order specifications on file as I will be adding more in the near future. Regards, Pat Klinger, Retaggio Italian Greyhounds

I am a repeat customer. and my red dachshund took a 3 point major in Columbus her first time out in my beautiful new beaded lead. Pipers Tammyweenette Ju Ju Ms.   thank you soo much it is great!! the judge noted how nice it would look on any red dog!!
My lead just came in the mail and it is lovely, it is perfect!  Thank you so much, you guys are great!  I will send pictures of both dogs as soon as I can!  Jessica Meier RN
I just wanted to thank you so much for the leash--it is just gorgeous, and I can't believe how fast you got it here. I really appreciate it. Can't wait to use it, and I'll very definitely be ordering more--I can see a collection of your beautiful leads  (which are addictive) starting!! Warmly, Robyn :-)
The leads and collars arrived today and they are amazing!  Even without breaking in they feel soft and pliable.  They stay up on the neck so much better than the fabric ones I was using.  Mary Coldirons
The leash is beautiful, and so perfect. The colors and beading are so complimentary to each other. Thanks so much for helping me make the right choice. Abby finished her championship before I could show her on it, but it will still get plenty of use in the show ring! I can't wait to order another one.
Many thanks,  Anne
I received my leash today and it is BEE YOO TEE FUL!!!!    It is just as lovely as I had imagined.  Thanks for such incredible hand work.  I appreciate your talent & I can't wait to show it off.  I'm proud to own it & can't wait to order another!  Thanks again,  Marilyn Anderson

 They start them early in France.

I guess you would call this a Jr. Jr. handler?

Stephanie Passays reports her dog, Verdi won the club show this weekend in Switzerland and this is  their future handler, Caroline (20 months)!


Pee Wee Handlers in Belgium-----Brother and sister  team  Caitlin and Eli Michielsen-Goossens

Caitlin is 5 years old and is partial to pink.


Eli is all boy, 3 years old and choose turquoise and blue.

Want to tell you that I received my third show lead from you and everyone was wild about what you and I chose... thanks for all your help , working with you has been great..   Anne

I just got my lead today and it's fact, I want another just like it but don't recall specifically what I ordered....can you look up the order you just shipped, and tell me what it is? Thanks so much! Corey Rigoni
My lead arrived today and I LOVE it!!!!!!!  It is so pretty, much nicer than I had ever dreamed it would be.  I am going to be ordering 2 more for my whippets.  My husband is going to help me pick out the colors and beads, he is really impressed with the quality of the one I got today.  Thanks again for all your help with me picking it out. The color matches my Ibizan perfect and the size it just right!!
Shawn Cooper.

I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful new leads.  Everyone is in envy of them.  Celine, our red & white Siberian just went BOB & on to a Group 1 wearing her color matched lead.  Kiefer, our  6 month old puppy is starting his career with his black & green lead.  I am sure I will be back to order more.  Thanks, Cindy - Aleut Siberians

I just received the second lead and it is fabulous!  Funny thing - they BOTH are perfect, if that's possible!  I now have 2 equally fine leads to use, and I believe they will be interchangeable depending on what I'm wearing, etc.  They feel wonderful and look gorgeous on him.  It was a pleasure interacting with you, and I will be certain to keep you informed as to our progress in his show career.  Our BIG shows here in NYC start on the weekend of Westminster, so that's what we're all gearing up for. Thanks again, and I will sing your praises to all my dog associates (who already know you and

Many say their dogs can talk, few say they can READ!

These K-9s hold R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) certificates.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful workmanship on the collar and leash you made for my beardie, Travis.  The colors are exactly what I had in mind and the way it turned out is great.  A lot of times when you try to order something like that it does not meet your expectations.  This certainly did and I expect to have many years and (hopefully) many wins with this!  Thank you again and you can be sure I will let everyone know where I got it.

Just wanted you to know that with new leash in hand and first time in the ring we took reserve both days to a very large entry with pro-handlers. We are VERY pleased.
Many complements on the leash. I wore a matching shirt, husband is concerned that I may be ordering more to match each shirt for showing....  =)Thanks again for the quick delivery! Deb Chvilicek

We got the leads yesterday.  Thank you for getting them here so quickly, I can't wait to show them off at our national - one of our puppy buyers has already said she'll be ordering one once she saw how nice they turned out -Gabrielle  LAMZ Bedlington Terriers

Every time I go in the ring with one of my girls on your lead I can feel confidant that the lead will stay where placed without pulling her hair around her neck. The softness of the lead makes it a breeze to use in the ring too. I can't thank you enough.  Barbara Klebon

The leash you sent was the perfect size and I love the quality.  Your lead looked and felt much better than the conformation lead I was using.  My Malinois "Cruise" finished his championship. Thank you for taking the extra time to offer advice and guide me through the best selection.  Your customer advocacy is much appreciated.  Mary W

This must be a busy time for you and I sincerely appreciate you sending it to me before the shows this weekend !! The lead turned out just great . . . . . I love the colors and the beads really blend well. It looks lovely on my boy Golden, Gus, and really compliments his coat color. He says thank you, too !! I am certain I will need other colors in the future. Thanks again and have a great week.  Colleen Catalano

Verlene, the leash for Basheera is lovely.  Thank you so much for the design and craftsmanship.  She made the group cut in Arkansas while wearing the lead.  Yesterday, she got a group win (3rd) so it is now the lucky lead.  Thanks!  Carol

The collar and leash are excellent and perfect color and bead combination ! You are fabulous !!!!!  Sandy Branik

Steffi- German Shorthaired Pointer got her first Lyndale leash when we found them at an Aussie show in 2000.  It was a present to her for finishing AKC and Novice A and ASCA Novice B.  That lead went on to join her in the ring at trials here plus Bermuda and Canada.  I was devastated when it fell out of the car at a NY dog show- lost forever!  It had the feeling of liquid butter in my hands yet my constantly lunging Shorthair could never manage to break it.  Luckily, Verlene had an ad in Front and Finish so I ordered a replacement--after trying two lesser brands of kangaroo leads that snapped.  Linda Mscisz.  To see Steffi's picture check out the "Beaded Leashes" page on this site.

Verlene, Verlene, your leads make my heart sing!  I have just returned from the post office with my gorgeous new leads and I am sitting at my desk admiring them and dreaming of how my Cockers will look sporting them into the ring.  These leads are lovely in every aspect, and the craftsmanship is amazing.  I am already planning the next one I will ask you to make for me.  It was truly a pleasure talking with you to design these leads as you deliver the kind of personal customer service that simply doesn't exist anymore.  Thank you for everything, and I look forward to talking with you again soon.  All the best.  Tracy D. Greene

I just received my custom martingale and it is wonderful!! It fits my little girl to a tee with some room to grow. I am more than pleased with all of your extra help and the lead itself.......just fantastic, I can't wait to show her off in her first show :)  I really like the new beads that you just posted on your website. The transparent sea blue ones and the burgundy ones in particular. If you have any
spectacular combinations for either color, please do send me a picture.....that may very well be my next lead!!! ahhahah,Thank you again, Coreen

Dear Verlene,  I had a few moments and got to thinking about you and how each weekend your wonderful leashes and collars make my dogs look sooooooooooo fabulous!! I really appreciate your talent!!! My Dharma is tearing up the  Weimaraner world and your leashes are her best accessory!!  I hope all is well with you and I will be contacting you soon for a "special" creation for the Eukanuba and the  Garden.  Warmest regards, Jennifer Martin 

I just wanted to tell you that the I got the leads and I am so pleased with how they turned out and the quality of the work.  I can't wait for the next show so I can use them!  I also wanted to thank you for your excellent help and suggestions in designing the leads.  They are exactly what I was hoping for.  Thank You.  JoAnna Anderson

They are truly stunning!  Beyond expectations. I'll love using them with my hounds and showing them off to the other show folk!  Joyce Chin

I received my three 60" kangaroo kennel leashes.  They are gorgeous!  I am so thrilled with them.  Thank you so much.  They're worth every penny! Crissy Hastings.

Thank you very much Verlene--Your customer service has been excellent and a very timely delivery! My vizsla puppy should look great as he competes at his first specialty this weekend. He's been on a good roll and should look like a superstar in his new show lead!
 I will definitely look to order from you in the future!Jenny Thill

I received your order quickly and I gave them as a present. I can tell you they were adored. I think next month I will put in an order for my other hounds- those leashes are the perfect size and flexibility to walk a large dog- thanks again Lori.   (Lori is referring to double braided flat leather leads.)

Verlene…..its gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to love it and Ms Jas will be so proud……she likes a bit of flash!!! LOL (Pam prefers a knot at the end of her lead, in place of a handle.)

Wanted to let you know that the braided leash and collar arrived.  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!  They are just what I wanted and your workmanship is excellent.  I'm anxious to try them out and see if that larger ring on the one end of the collar helps to not pull the hair as much.  I couldn't believe how fast you got these to me.  I can't thank you enough.  The larger width collar seems to make Toby really happy too.  I will be recommending you highly when all my friends ask  where I got such a nice lead!  It was great doing business with you.  Ruth Matason

Ooooo, leashes by Lyndale.  My secret passion.  Who needs chocolate when you can have a leash by Lyndale  Leashes come and leashes go, but you'll get my Lyndale Leashes when you pry my cold, dead hands from around them:  Their booth is one of the reasons it's worth the drive to Wichita every April! Jill Morstad Wow! Now I call that an endorsement and it was completely unsolicited- Thanks Jill.

Just wanted you to know I received my order today and I am thrilled.  The braided collar and leash are just gorgeous and I love the feel of the flat collar.  Thank you for all your help and promptness of my order. I will highly recommend you to my friends. Teri Noland

I JUST received my lead ...........and I LOVE IT!!!  Can't wait for our obedience match this weekend!  Beautiful work, and I love the 3 colors blended together, which are just perfect for my gold/white Tzu.  Thank you so much, and thanks for getting it here SO quickly!   Terri Greer

Verlene, you are just too great!!! I did not expect to have the slip collar and lead until sometime next week.  I was so surprised to get it in the mail today.  You do beautiful work and the black and grey look fantastic on my Scottish Deerhound.  Thank you so much. T.S.

I got me lead yesterday and all I can say is WOW!!! Just beautiful.  I kept taking it out last night and this morning just to admire it.  Can't wait for the chance to walk into the ring with it.  Kathy

Hi, Verlene!  It's only Friday, and I've just received the black/roan 1/4" leash -- you are FAST !Just wanted to let you know that it made it all the way to Los Angeles safe and sound, and that it's even nicer than I thought it would be.  Thank you so much -- you are a craftsman and an artist. We gave the leash its first workout this morning - I love it!  So light, so pretty, so easy in the hand (you were right about that, of course).  Thanks again .J.M.

Just wanted to let you know that I received my slip collar and lead today. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!! I really appreciate how fast you got it here to me, and it's WONDERFUL! There is night and day difference with how Rocky responds to me and how he gaits with this lead. I was hoping that I would get it before my next conformation class, which is tomorrow, but I really didn't expect it. I will be sure to pass your name and web site on. Thank you so much. A forever customer, M.B.

Got my leashes and collars and they are all perfect.  Really loved the braided leashes.  Don't know which one is my favorite.  The one for my schnauzer (Grey, black and white) is perfect and the collar is a perfect fit      (ll 3/4") I'm going to have so much fun showing this spring.  Thanks so much S.H.

The leash arrived today, and it is the most beautiful leash I've ever seen!  Thank you for helping me to pick the colors- they're perfect FM

I just wanted to let you know that I received my order today and they are perfect and very, very nice.  I can't wait to use them.  Thank you so much for your help and the wonderful job done on them.  SL

I wanted to let you know I got my lead.  It IS beautiful.  It is perfect, and hubby said "order another." PTR
Good Morning-- THE LEASH AND COLLAR ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!   Much, much, much better than the set I bought from  EL