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Jewelry for your Dog

Dream Designs

These designs are presented to spark your imagination.  Some customers prefer to plan their own, some leave it up to me or choose a pre-planned arrangement from the catalog page:  

Click here to view the Catalog

Sadly, not all beads are always available

Need trophies?
Best trophies of all-- Gift Certificates--  let the winners plan their own awards. Gift certificates are available in any amount.

Get ready-get set-have fun!!!

Santa will be delivering these for Frances

Two nice leads for the Frenchies of Neil Hittler

Kym loves silver and supplied her own beads.

Beverly said NO to hardware on her loop lead and slip collar.

Two examples of ways to use  the "Pandora" beads.  Any glass bead, or "Pandora" bead and chosen accent color can be used in these clusters.

Three jeweled leads going to Hawaii for Cindy Bryant

These seven lovely leads feature  aluminum beads and are going to Yuka Nobechi in Japan.

Debby Michielsen,  in Belgium holds the record with twenty leads.   

 Check out the site of Debby Michielsen and Luc Goossens: www.blueearthnet.com/

Some of Debby's collection

 I love my Lyndale Leadaholics.

These three beautiful leads are for the German Shorthaired Pointers of Stacy Moss

Pretty purple for a Puli

A flashy lead for a flashy dog.  Flynn is a handsome Borzoi from Australia.  Proud owner is Kathy Tuppurainen.→

Two leads for the Catahoulas of Cindy Sander.

Leads and couplers for Jeanne's Poms

Kathy Clayton said "Nothing is too good for my Frenchies"

Paige McCarver needs a new lead for a new client.  Paige was my first customer (yrs. ago) to request a bead on her lead.  She wanted a lucky dice on the handle.  We can thank Paige for all of the beaded leads in the ring today.

Visit her site at:


               Nadja's 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th lead


  Nadja Robien, Italy,  was a good girl this year and Santa brought her a new puppy.


New equipment for Chappie,

Cay Ireland's Sheltie.

These leads were braided for the Great Danes of Linda Tkach, she wanted the beading close to the snap as she holds the lead 5-6" above the snap.  Tell me if you have a special need and I will try to accommodate you.  That also goes for length of handle.  I will TRY to remember when I braid your order.  

Mauve and white for Gayle in Alaska

Gold and cognac for Michele in Texas

This little beauty, American-Canadian Champion "Cheers" is looking for the new lead, and owner Mary Madaan is getting a bracelet to match.  The kennel name is 24K Gold Cavaliers, so this will be a winner.


Look out Dals.  Here comes Sagan

(Rockstar Phoenix Written In The Stars)  Holly's newest.

Holly Waldrop added a fourth lead, then a fifth, for her Dalmatians and a matching bracelet  for herself.

I'm going to have to start going to those 12-step meetings now..."Hello. My name is Holly and I am a Lyndale's-leash-a-holic."

Jenifer Edwards added these to her tack box

These lovely leads were designed by Aimee for her Whippets

Dominique De Mulder in Belgium added these to her collection. These make 10.     See her Aussies on their web-sites www.crazychica.be  and www.nattrekja.be

An exciting collection of six leads for Julie Poirel in France.


Dominic in Canada wanted beads throughout her  third lead.

Conner's leash came today and I couldn't wait to get home to see how it looked. The verdict is: It's Perfect!    The leash enhances, not distracts. I couldn't be happier. I may need a necklace to match that, too.  I wear my other necklace often. Thank you, Karen Bell

A very pretty lead for Anne Stark at Pipers Whippets and Dachshunds

Kay Jordan picked these

This equipment was purchased by Sharron Lane.  She reported her dog said "Thank Roo."

Stephanie Passays ,France, says, "New dog, new lead.  Black and white, appropriate for her beautiful dog.

Two pretty leads, one for the Boston Terrier, and one for the Toy Poodle of Diana Park.

Marina wants something delicate for her IG Ace

I just got home today to find the most wonderful treat in the mail box!!!!  I couldn't believe they were here so quickly, and they are both wonderful wonderful, wonderful!!!  I was at a show in Atlanta today, lots of folks with kangaroo leads, lots of vendors selling kangaroo leads also, and I must say, your quality is simply so far above the others!
(Continuing to pat my self on the back- this was the comment I received from Sharron Lane, and no, I didn't pay her to say it.  I LOVE my customers.)

Leads number 4,5 and 6 for the tack box of Anne Stark of Piper Whippets and Dachshunds



Karen R. loves pink on her beautiful Samoyeds

Richard wanted a new key tag.

Deann Christianson added these three leads to her Lyndale collection, to be used by her beautiful Whippets.

Three leads for Danti Akitas in the UK . Visit their site:   http://www.dantiakitas.co.uk/

This will look really great on the Whippet belonging to Lynn Weller.  www.onyxxwhippets.com

Isn't it pretty!  For the Shiba Inu of Masako Y.


This one goes to Malaysia


This leash and matching necklace was for Michele S. and her Border Collie.

Stephanie said Mardi Gras was the theme.  I'd say this fit the bill!

Kathryn prefers small clusters.

Kaipo needed fancy equipment for "doggie dancing."

Equipment for the talented dogs of Christine Decuypere,  Kaipo and Cara, in Belgium.  Christine doesn't want her collars to tighten so a permanent knot is braided behind the ring.

Three great leads are for the beautiful and talented Tervs belonging to Brooke Cole.Visit their web-site:


A lead for a REAL Kansas University fan with kennel name Rock Chalk JRTS, thanks Joy.

Ellen Lopiano added these four delicate leads to her tack box.


This cluster was created for Heidi Meulemans.  Heidi and Ray show Aussies under  the kennel name of "The Force "  Heidi ordered two necklaces.

Diana Falconer just added number 16 to her lead collection.  These are used with her Australian Shepherds in New Zealand.

Heidi's daughter Jennifer will use this leash as she handles  "Stella" owned by Barbara Gale.


This black and white lead will be a great fit for a handsome black and white Siberian Husky belonging to Susan Marton in Budapest, Hungary

Four lovely white leads, braided for  Pat Hedges in New Zealand

Great match for a great dog!

Proud owner-  Jill Paige

There is a choice of many colors, and accents of gold or silver

Jennifer Martin added these leashes to her collection.  They will be used when she takes her
#1 Owner Handled Weimaraner into the ring.

Basheera is in a rush to get her new lead, thanks to her owner Carol P. 

This collar and lead set was braided for Deb Weller and her fabulous Dobermans.


 This is a pool party for the service  dogs of Mary Ehrhart and her friend Debb Taylor.  They excel in therapy work and the READ program.               To visit a Therapy site:

This is going to be hard to beat.  It uses Tibetan silver and Peruvian beads.  It will be used by Sasha in Belgium.  Owner is Genevieve Chome.  She has three of our leads.


 For Irish Terrier and Mechele Lee

Genevieve Chome told her friends Debby and Monique about our leashes (Thanks Genevieve)To visit Genevieve's site go to http://users.skynet.be/fb175121//    

These are for Monique Slegtenhorst and her Aussie Kyona:  their site is www.shakymo.nl


The picture doesn't do this set justice. Copper, silver and gold on black. 

Ellen Lopiano designed these leads for her lovely Samoyeds.  Looks like Valentino approves.

These made for Rianne in The Netherlands to be used on her Aussie

S.R. ordered a matching tab and leash

This beaded lead and collar with tassels is for for Sandy Engstrom's Miniature Aussie. Hallie.

Silken Windhound Tangaloor Unusual Suspect will wear this combo.

This one is for BISS Talismanís Scythian Huntress(Sony). proudly owned by Alison Brendel.

Lorraine just ordered this leash and her handsome red head is running as fast as he can to claim it.  Can you blame him?



This customer choose her beading arrangement , but needed gold in the place of silver.   If you like an arrangement, but prefer different colors please inquire, substitutes are usually available.

This collar and lead will be worn by French Bulldog "Steve" lovingly owned by Mary Phelps.

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